Quit Smoking with the Help of E-cigarettes

Quit Smoking with the Help of E-cigarettes (1)

A battery-powered cigarette alternative called the e-cig has gained popularity among the largest mainstream tobacco companies.

There are vast options available today, presenting new and long-term vapers various models with distinctive functionalities and stylish appearances.

This industry shift and technological advancement has amassed praise from anti-tobacco advocates and even government officials. It’s the best way to go for smokers looking to finally quit smoking the traditional types of cigarettes.

This makes the modern electronic device more than just an innovation in technology, but e-cigarettes may help adults quit and hold the potential to save lives.

E-Cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

Quit Smoking with the Help of E-cigarettes (2)Electronic cigarettes are primarily built in a way that users can inhale nicotine without most of the risks involved with smoking and its adverse effects on heath.

It simply makes use of heating elements to vaporize e-juice into an inhalable substance and emit a flavored fog.

The juice or e-liquid used can be nicotine, propylene glycol, or glycerine fluid with added flavorings, giving the vaper freedom to choose whichever he or she prefers.

Unlike cigarettes, there is no burning and no smoke as you vape, and e-cigs do not produce tar as well as carbon monoxide. The vapor may contain the same harmful chemicals or toxins found in cigarette smoke, but at much lower levels that are not associated with health risks.

On Quitting Smoking

It is critical to use an e-cigarette properly and enough to effectively manage your cravings.

People who combine their e-cig use with extra professional help have higher success rates.

It’s also been found that the type of e-cig used can make a difference to attempts on quitting, and that daily use of tank models yields better chances.

Basically, reaching your goal depends on the kind of e-cigarette itself and frequency of use.

The Game ChangerQuit Smoking with the Help of E-cigarettes (3)

A 2015 survey shows that an estimated 2.6 million adults in Great Britain use electronic cigarettes, and around 1.1 million of them have given up smoking while 1.4 million use e-cigs alongside tobacco use which contributes to reducing the amount they smoke.

In August of the same year, British officials regarded e-cigarettes highly after an independent review commissioned by Public Health England concluded that vaping was 95 percent less harmful than smoking conventional combustible cigarettes.

They even said that the electronic cigarettes can possibly be licensed for medicinal purposes.

An e-cig can serve the same purpose as other prescription items designed to help smokers stop the habit or addiction, such as gum and nicotine patches.

Thus, they have endorsed the product as a game changer backed up by the fact that e-cigarettes may help adults quit.

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